Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adding Pages + Adding in a Daily Bible Quiz

Early Morning
Figured Out How To Add Pages

Since Bear now has the power to add more Blog pages, she moved the sidebar info. over to the "About Me" page, which makes things much neater.

Four Blog Pages Enough For Now

Bear went into obsessive mode, and is STILL fiddling with this Blog, having fun with it.  And has ideas for more fun and more pages and more links later.  But is reminding herself to put the stress on the word "LATER"!  

Never did get around to getting that nap.  Definitely time to call it a night. 
Well, actually, by now, it's "call it a day".  It's noon already.
No real writing work done today, or last night, but I guess suddenly having a blog where none existed before is kind of an accomplishment.  


Can someone try out the Bible Quiz and let Bear know if it works? 

Bear has had a crazy day of learning how to add various "gadgets" and "widgets" to blogs that do interesting things, like give Bible Quizzes, post a daily Scripture, provide a Bible Search Engine, etc.  Bear has learned a lot about taking various "gadgets" and "widgets" OFF of blogs also, when they don't work the way they're supposed to.

Bear is pooped.

If anyone actually comes and looks in on this Blog, can you do Bear a great favor and test the Daily Quiz at the bottom of the page?  {NOTE added later: The quiz got moved to the Recreation Room, and is no longer at the bottom of this page.}  And give Bear a comment to this post, telling me whether it actually works or not?  It works for ME, but I'm not positive it's giving each new quiz-taker a clean slate, with the answers blank again for each new person who does it.

Bear needs confirmation that this particular "gadget" is worth keeping around.  If it works though, it should be good fun.  :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bear Starts a Public Journal

Late Night
Bear Starts a Public Journal

Bear stayed up half the night, figuring out "Blogger", and getting everything laid out for this basic start. Still much to do, but this at least gets things up and running. At least the main sidebars, with the testimonies, are up.

Visitors will have to scroll down a LONG way to read them all though. :-)

But for now, since the clock in Bear's Writing Den is just hitting 4:30 a.m., Bear's giving a Big Bear yawn, and lumbering off to hibernate for awhile.

Bear will be back after a good long nap.