Prayer Room

Just as prayer was taken out of schools in the 60's; so also, this year's 2010 National Prayer Day could be our last. Christians lament over how "asleep" we were "back in the 60's". But are we awake now? The video player above has moving scenes from Prayer Day, as well as related news coverage in 25 min. of video that inspired Bear much... The video clips are incredibly uplifting and inspiring as a unit. They're great to pray with, to worship with, and even for getting updated on some of the details of the issues. They're timeless in their message and the way they lift in the Spirit. Bear will be watching them many times more herself, as an encouragement and call to prayer in her daily life. Are we praying enough? Are we interceding enough for these leaders? Are we standing... Or will we be saying in a few decades... if only we had been awake back then...Why didn't we stand?

Bear Gets a Prayer Lesson One Night . . .

One of my old Pastors, from a church I used to attend in another part of the country about 13 years ago, surprised me with a call tonight -- been about a year and a half since I last chatted with him and his family. And we were remembering old times in that church of long ago, and somehow slid over into the subject of talking about the Lord to others. I told him I was always in awe of his great ability to get ANY conversation turned to talk about the Lord.

For example, this man could be running behind on errands, checking out his groceries with a store cashier who had absolutely NO interest in anything religious whatsoever . . . and soon be happily chatting away with her about how wonderful the Lord is, and her nodding her head in agreement. Didn't matter who he was talking with, or why -- the conversation always seemed to end up, one way or another, swinging around in a way so that he would end up sharing about the Lord in a natural and non-offensive manner.

So tonight I asked him HOW he did that? Told him I envied him. How did his conversations always end up being about the Lord with each person?

He said that, whenever he's with anyone, he ALWAYS prays silently, "Lord, please show me how to talk about You to this person (or people)."

I said that I pray, but I do it in the morning before I start my day, usually -- not when I actually run into people during the day. And maybe that's the difference between how great he is at sharing the Lord with people, and how dismal I am at it?

He just chuckled and repeated that he always prays on the spot, and that the Lord always just seemed to show him how. He talked about one time, when he was on a bus, surrounded by a bunch of college students. He didn't know what to do, so prayed. And then just started to read his Bible. And after a bit, he muttered loudly, "Now, THAT'S interesting!"

Lo and behold, they were suddenly curious as to WHAT was so interesting, and that started the conversation. He said that he ended up praying with them all before leaving the bus. And then talked about how good and faithful the Lord is in that sort of thing -- to get him out of a ditch when he didn't know how to share.

I believe it. Because, in the old days, I saw him do it, over and over again. And I'm sure those college students were nodding and smiling and waving happily as he left, too.

So Bear's not going to take his advice lightly, and thinks maybe she learned something new, and will give it a try.

Then laughs, realizing that Pastor was likely petitioning the Lord about how to talk to HER about important things of the Lord, while on the phone. And of course, before hanging up, he asked to pray together.