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About five years ago, Bear was doing a "Daily Grammar" exercise type class on the Web for free.  And recently, Bear felt reminded that Bear needs more work on grammar and punctuation, so went and looked it up again to see if it's still available.  Happily it is.

It was invaluable to me back then, but I've gotten rusty, so am going to do it all over again. 

It's really neat, because it's 400+ grammar/punctuation lessons you can do, that are SMALL.  They only take about 10 minutes a day to do.  But by the time you're finished, in a little over a year, you've got a really THOROUGH grammar learning done -- equivalent to a College Course in English Grammar -- an excellent grounding for any writer.  Plus, the lessons are indexed, so if there's any particular area you want to work in, you can go straight to that area without doing the rest of the course.  Plus, you can do the course at a faster pace, if you want, and get done as fast as you want. 

And since the lessons are each so small, with only 5 "exercises" with each lesson and a couple of paragraphs of reading each time, they're fun to do.

They start at the very beginning, and end with fairly advanced grammar stuff.

Daily One Minute Writing Exercise at One Word.com

Every day, this website furnishes you with a single word, and a comment type box to use for writing.  The goal is to "free write" whatever comes to mind, based on the one word "topic" for one minute.  A timer ticks away the seconds as you work.   You have the option of posting your writing on the website each day, or just doing it without posting (which is the way Bear does it).  It's great fun, and great practice at spontaneous writing. 

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