What Type of Reading Material Will You Find In This Library?

Most of the short stories, poems, and essays in this particular Room are written by members of  Faith Writers is a Christian Writing Community and Resource Center for Christian Writers (with a variety of helps, forums, articles, contests, and other things).   It harbors many friendly and talented Christian Writers from all walks of life, and from many countries.  Bear highly recommends it to any Christian writer. It's Bear's main hangout, when she's away from her Writing Den.

Part of FaithWriters is a weekly Writing Challenge, where up to 200 people (and a Bear, of course -- and even one Pup) enter stories, poems, essays, devotionals, or testimonies of 150 to 750 words.  The top 10 entries get published in the FaithWriters' quarterly books.  Writers can enter as "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced", or "Master", and there are winners in each division.  It's fun, is a great way to improve writing skills, provides fellowship with other writers, and is a most excellent way to get feedback on any writing entered in the Challenges (both through the judging results, and from feedback comments other members give on the writing, when it's posted in the competition).

Favorite Stories and Articles

Bear greatly admires many of the writers on FaithWriters, so will try to list one or two Writing Challenge entries (or other articles/stories posted at the website) each week, that she personally was deeply moved by, or found particularly applicable to her own life for one reason or another.  Sometimes they'll be winning entries of the Challenge; but sometimes they'll be those that didn't even make "Top 40" that week, but that Bear feels are particularly excellent for one reason or another.  And sometimes, they'll not be Challenge entries at all, but posts from elsewhere on the site.  There is so much excellent and uplifting writing on the site, that this is just a "smattering", that Bear just felt like posting for one reason or another -- not intended to be at all comprehensive.

You'll discover title and author when you click on the link.  The link's "title" here simply give background info . . .

We're Never Good Enough to Stand -- 1st Place, Editor's Choice -- "The Reader", Writing Challenge

A Poem of Eternal Truth -- Absolutely awesome imagery and truth -- "The Reader", Writing Challenge

Revitalizing our Prayerlife  -- Bear's favorite for the "Pen is Mightier than the Sword", Writing Challenge

Convenience Story  -- All Bear can say on this one is OUTSTANDING -- "Wow" topic, Writing Challenge

Awesome Poem that's #1 for Bear of the "Hmph" topic, Writing Challenge

Thoughts on God and life through a baby's wisdom -- Hmph topic, Writing Challenge

Fun, thought provoking demonstration of faith, but Bear isn't likely to personally try it -- Eek topic, 4th Place Editor's Choice, Writing Challenge

About a Place where Bear hangs as much as possible -- Shh topic, Writing Challenge

When Times Are Busy, this reminds Bear to remember what it's all about -- Brown Topic, Writing Challenge

AWESOME Poem from the Pup, 2007

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