1. Most importantly:  If you want to go to another Room in Bear's Den and keep the music playing, be sure to hold down Ctrl on your keyboard while you click on the Room link. (The same holds true for other links in the Den.)  If you want to listen to the player while browsing other websites, simply open a new tab or new window, leaving the Den open in the original window/tab.
  2. When you first arrive at the Den, a picture (unmoving) will appear in the player's little screen -- if not (or if the word "Undefined" appears there) then it hasn't fully downloaded yet. If it doesn't show after a minute or two, try refreshing the webpage. 
  3. If the video starts having pauses in the midst of play, sometimes refreshing the webpage will help.  However, the player then starts at the beginning again, so you then have to find the song you were last listening to and re-start it there. Sometimes however, it's just a temporary glitch with that particular song's downloading.  If it persists, it's best to just move on to another song for a while.  If the player has pauses on all the songs, then it means you've hit a time of busy web traffic which is slowing down all downloads.  Or your Internet connection speed on your computer is not fast enough to play these kinds of videos.
  4. Use the BOTTOM scroll bar to find what song you want to play, and hit the play button triangle on that particular song.  (Or simply hit play, without scrolling, to start it on the first song).
  5. To look through other songs while it's playing and switch to a new song, use the scroll bar at the very bottom, and hit the play button on the song you want to hear.
  6. To Pause play or find the other controls while it's playing, move your cursor into the video area, and the controls will appear.
  7. It will play all the videos, one after another, unless you interrupt it or redirect it.
  8. If you want Full Screen, click the little box outline that has two arrows sticking out of opposite corners.  To exit Full Screen, press Esc on your keyboard.
  9. Click on the orange lines to change volume level.
How are Journal entries (blog entries) organized, time-wise, and indexed?
  1. Posts/entries displayed in the Living Room area are posted in reverse order, with the most recent entry posted on top.  So, to read them in chronological order, they must be read from the bottom of the screen, back up towards the top, reading one day at a time.
  2. If more than one post was made in a day (which often happens), they are posted in chronological order, within that day.  So you're reading from morning towards evening/night, when reading from top to bottom within that day.
  3. Older entries are in the archives, and are no longer seen in the Living Room area (which displays the current month only).  They can be found in the "Journal Entries From Past Months" index, located near the bottom of the sidebar.  Each month's archived posts are posted from the first day of the month, through to the last day of the month.  To read them chronologically, simply read from the top of the screen, down towards the bottom.
  4. Entries are indexed somewhat, by subjects.  Each post's subjects are located at the bottom of the post in a list of links there.  So, for example, if you read a post that talks about the subject of "Website work", and want to see more posts on that subject, you can click on the "Website work" link at the bottom of the post
  5. The full index of all the subjects is available at the "Index to subjects discussed in the Den's Journal" at the bottom of the main sidebar.  Clicking on a subject link there will display all the posts that have been indexed to that particular subject.