Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dancing Babies + Tackle it Tuesday

Bear is cheering up

Bear has been having a rough run with her health lately -- a lot of roller coaster ups and downs -- and needed some cheering up in the midst. But the Lord provided.

First of all, Bear is most happy to report that her laptop recovered from its drink of water and seems none the worse for the experience. It now purrs along with its happy "rrrrr" again. And everything seems surprisingly normal. However, Bear hasn't heard its little cooling fan come on at all -- possibly because the weather isn't hot enough today. But it's also possible the fan may be shot -- shorted out by the water. So, although thanking the Lord, Bear also made it a point to back up all her files, first thing, when the laptop started running again, just in case it fries itself later, when the weather gets hotter.

The second encouraging thing ... Bear stumbled onto a video that made her smile much. She found it when an article at the Institute for Creation Research caught her eye. The article's title was "Evolution Can't Explain Dancing Babies".

But Bear didn't know babies danced.
The article says, "Two researchers from Finland and the United Kingdom wanted to find out how soon in life people begin to dance to rhythms. They were surprised to find that babies as young as five months old match body motion to music."

It then talked about a Science NOW study and video, showing a baby dancing to Mozart.
And then the article continued, "Evolutionists had suggested that dancing evolved from social pressures, as if an external factor could somehow generate a novel internal response to it. But in the study infants began dancing spontaneously, unbidden by other people... The behavior must therefore be an innate part of being human."

A baby dancing to Mozart?

This Bear had to see.

Once she had seen it, she played it several times, and it gave her a smile many times during the day, just remembering it. So she decided to share it here. It's only about 30 seconds long, although Bear would have been happy to have seen the baby do an encore.

(Those receiving this by Feeds or on Facebook will need to stop by the Den to see it.)

On somewhat more serious subjects however, below is Bear's shot at this week's "Tackle it Tuesday" writing exercise from FaithWriter's Blog.

"Tackle it Tuesday Topic assignment ... You are twelve years old and all of your friends are going out of town for Spring Break while you are stuck at home. You resign yourself to the idea of being bored all week, but then something happens to add some unexpected excitement. In 100 words or less, tell about what happens to make your Spring Break anything but boring."

Bear wrote:
Ronnie stared.

Mrs. Dahlquist's plump form was teetering precariously on a ladder propped against the cherry tree next-door, nails clenched between her teeth.

She'd already nailed one board to the trunk, vertically ...

He vaulted the short fence and steadied the next board while she pounded in more nails.

It was a cross.

Brushing blossoms out of her graying curls, she smiled. "Easter, you know. Jesus 'tis the Reason for the Season."

"But MISTER Dahlquist ...?"

"Oh, let him fuss! Won't hurt him none to have a bit of church in his yard."

THIS was going to be interesting ...

And writing that was fun, and put Bear in a better mood also. God has His Ways of cheering up a bear having a hard day.
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