Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Faith and Purpose

Dare to be a Daniel?

Bear spent a lot of time yesterday, relaxing and surfing the Net for hymn videos. While hunting for the hymn, "Dare to be a Daniel", she stumbled onto the following 3 minute video. Bear bookmarked it for future reference, but didn't expect to watch it again for quite some time. It talks about a young boy named Daniel, persecuted for his faith in a Buddhist country, with video footage (but doesn't state what country it is). The website that originally produced it is: Closed Door Ministries.

Today, images from the video kept coming back to mind vividly, seeming to call Bear to work to stand stronger in her own walk with the Lord.

So Bear put it together with Brian Free's video version of the song "Dare to Be A Daniel", (which still isn't the hymn Bear was originally looking for ... But sometimes God leads us to things in this life better than what we were originally looking for, Bear thinks.)

(For those reading this by feeds or on Facebook, you'll need to drop by the Den's living room to see these two short videos.)

This week's assignment from the FaithWriter's Blog for the Tuesday 50 word story practice, along with Bear's response is as follows ...

"In 50 words or less, write a story from the perspective of a raindrop. If you’re not used to writing from the viewpoint of an inanimate object, this will be a great challenge for you."

Bear wrote . . .

Formed by God's Hand,
For what purpose am I?
Millions just like me
Fall from the sky.

I feel unneeded,
Redundant at best,
As I journey downwards,
Looking for rest.

I land in the hand
Of one dying of thirst.
My life had a purpose,
Right from the first.
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