Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break ends

The Weekly Writing Challenge begins again

Bear didn't expect the break between quarters at FaithWriters to zoom by so fast. Can't believe there's already a Contest topic posted again. It's also likely time to be looking in on Jan's Writing Basics classes, and Ann's Grammar Basics. Plus, Bear has to admit that she has not been at all diligent on the work or the exercises these past few weeks. And missed out on two of the mini-challenges, and a couple "Tackle it Tuesdays" as well. (Info and links on most of these are in the Writing Resources and Library areas of the Den.)

In other words, Bear has been on major vacation leave, while working on the Den. And it's time to get back down to some serious writing work.

The Challenge's topic, "The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword", kind of surprised Bear though. Considering that the last topics were things like "Humph", "Wow", "Shh", and such . . . "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" seems quite a mouthful by comparison.

It also looked to be a tough one to pull a 750 word entry out of the hat for. But after some prayer, an idea that Bear loves came to mind, and she's going to go with it. It's not super original. But she likes it much anyway, and looks forward to writing about it. Maybe she can dig up an original twist somehow. Or maybe it's not as obvious as she thinks.

Most likely, since one of the contest's rating categories is "originality", Bear is not going to hit the 40 top-rated entries in this one.

But if true, so be it.

Sometimes, it feels more important to write about things that aren't super original than to search about for something more unusual...

Bear likes to write about some of the foundational issues of Christianity -- and often, they aren't very "original". But it helps Bear to write about them anyway, and often deepens her own understanding of things.

So she's sharpening her pencils, dusting off her keyboard, putting new lightbulbs in her desk lamp, and gearing up for action.

Bear is also diligently practicing shouting "Touche", just in case it might be needed.
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