Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Happenings -- We used to kill each other with spears all the time...

Bear stumbled onto a recording yesterday where more of the "Aucas" speak (who murdered the five missionaries with spears). To hear their voices talking about what it was like back when spearing one another and spearing missionaries was common everyday life, and then to hear them talking about what life is like now, was riveting. The strength and power of their down-to-earth quality of faith seem somehow of stronger substance than what we often hear in our modernized society. These same men who speared the missionaries are now regularly out risking their own lives, reaching out to tribes around them in the jungle which are still very violent, so strong is their desire to share what they've found.

So Bear decided to go ahead and post the 28 minute Day of Discovery recording below.

It also includes more quotes from the five missionaries who were killed, about why they chose to take that risk. And it includes the last interview with Rachel Saint, before her death from old age after living decades with the tribe. (She was the sister of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries who was killed, and was one of the two women who went to live with the tribe about a year after the slaughter, and helped translate the Bible into their language).

Plus, there is more from Steve Saint, Nate Saint's son, who was baptized (as a fatherless teenager) by two of his father's murderers, and still lives happily with the tribe to this day. Note: When Steve Saint discusses the death of his daughter and says "my daughter was taken out of my protective custody", he's referring to her death in a hospital of natural causes -- a brain hemorrhage -- and to a father's "protective custody" of a child while that child is on this earth, not of a marriage struggle of any sort.

For those of you who have heard much of the five missionaries and the Aucas, as well as for those of you who have heard little, Bear can safely guarantee that this show, with its interviews, will be of immeasurable value, and deeply moving.

(Note: If you're reading this by feeds or Facebook, you'll need to drop by Bear's Writing Den to hear this week's recording, above).

(For those who missed last Sunday's prior post at the Den which initially summarized the story of the five missionaries, with its videos which showed so vividly the way the tribe was changed over the years afterward, in the aftermath of those seemingly senseless deaths, the videos and info are still available at this link: Sunday Happenings -- The hopes of 5 murdered missionaries fulfilled through the "Power of His Love")
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Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I love missionary biographies, and the sacrifices made by these missionaries and the subsequent testimonies of their families are simply incredible! Thanks for sharing.

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