Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congratulations Winners + Bear Wants to build an addition

Late Afternoon
Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations again to all the winners of this week's Writing Challenge!  Bear has had a chance to look at just a few of the entries, and they are excellent.  She's looking forward to getting around to reading more.

But at the moment, Bear is still very preoccupied with moving cleanup and settling in still.

Late Night (Actually, very early Friday morning)
Bear wants to build an addition

Bear decided to cut down on the number of family photos in the sidebar and make things a bit more streamlined there. 

Bear also decided she wants more rooms reasonably soon.  She's thinking of a Bible room.  And once the worship room starts filling up more, will likely want to have an extra room for kids/teen worship type stuff and interests, separate from the main worship room.

So she spent the night looking into WordPress and other blogging and Website setup options . . .  Hours of frustration.

And I tell you, it sure made me appreciate Blogger more.  Theoretically, Wordpress is supposed to be better than Blogger if you want more than 10 pages.  Also, it can create sub-pages.  However, it looks to me like you have to mess with the code a lot more, every time you want to do even basic things like adding a gadget or widget.  And I don't want to spend lots of time learning how to do all that. 

Blogger seems much faster and easier to work with.  And the other free blogging solutions seemed to also have more flaws than blogger.. At least for a beginner like me.

So then I thought maybe I could somehow copy my template background and put it on another website hosting service -- then just build a normal website there, as an extension of the blog here.  I could link the two together, and if they had the same background template look, it would work nicely. 

But I couldn't figure out how to move the background. 

So I prayed on it, very frustrated. 

Then a possible solution hit me.  And I really think it might work. 

I decided that I could just create a second Blogger blog, with the same template background.  Because you can create as many blogs as you want to on Blogger, apparently.  And I can set up the side bar to match in the other blog also.  And then I can cross link them.  (Because I had already set up the Header Links in a text gadget anyway -- so all I have to do is copy the gadget from one blog to another.) 

So now, Bear has up to a total of 20 rooms available to expand into in future, and is happier again.  (IF the idea works.)  Or, if she wanted to set up a third blog, 30 rooms; or, if she wanted to set up a fourth blog . . .

Time to call it a night!


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