Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to new Den Visitor + What are followers? + More work on the Den + Feeling at home

Welcome LaTawnia!

Welcome to the Den, LaTawnia!  Bear looks forward to getting to know you more, as time goes on.

Bear is trying to figure out "Following" more

Bear has to admit that she had no idea what a "follower" was, until recently, when she looked in the Help Files for an explanation.  Bear is kind of a social klutz, and hasn't had any experience at all with social networking type stuff yet.  Although she IS thinking about joining Facebook, just to give it a whirl and find out more about it and try to figure these things out.  She also still doesn't really understand things like RSS feeds, podcasts, and many other modern Web innovations, that are just routine to most people.  Even putting together this blog/website has been a MAJOR "learning as she goes experience".  

(About 7 years ago, I had a very SMALL blog on Blogger.  But in those days, you could only do one page, and, as far as I know, "gadgets" and "widgets" weren't yet in vogue.  And the only social networking site that was really going strong was MySpace.  But it was very suspect and parents worried about their kids being on it -- while the kids were apparently happily  "social networking" years ahead of their parents.)

Anyway, Bear is about 7 years behind the times on lots of major Internet technology -- and 7 years is a LONG time gap, considering the speed at which the technologies are changing.

But, although Bear is not sure she fully understands how "following" works, and hasn't dared to try it herself yet, she's glad you're here.  Your visit today was an encouragement, just at the time when Bear was starting to think she had gone a bit overboard-crazy in all the moving-to-the-Den work frenzy.

More work on the Den

Today has been a saner day, though.  Bear actually got more sleep, and got caught up on kitchen work.  And she found some time to dig through some old family photos and found a less blurry one of BearBear at keyboard.  Plus, she was happy to stumble onto the one, where she's hanging out at the front Den entrance.  (She's the one on the far right-hand side.) So she hung those up on the walls and things are starting to look less bare around here.  Or, maybe they're actually looking MORE "bear"?  (I may not have completed the homonym writing challenge, but at least I got ONE pair in!)

Also, she found time to pop over to FaithWriters and wave hello, so people there won't think she died or something.  :-)

So, it's beginning to look like life is going to start to return more to its normal pace, fairly soon.

But right now, hibernation -- preferably long hibernation -- is what's on Bear's agenda.

Late Night
It's beginning to feel homey around here

Well, Bear is starting to feel at home in her den.  She's got the Worship Video player on, as she posts this, listening to great worship music.  Has got the mail system setup so she has outside communication with the world.  Has got a new quiz in the Rec Room ready to do after finishing this post, and this week's Bible Memory Verse on the blackboard, in sight, for practice.  Plus, has instant access to Bible look-up, and can even have whole Bible chapters read to her aloud -- (using BibleGateway) in whatever version she wants.  Quick one-click access to a multitude of awesome Christian Resources, good reading . . .

She's one happy Bear, as she tilts the recliner back, feet up, and surveys her new domain.

There's lots of work to be done yet, and more "moving trucks" on the way eventually, with more furniture for many of the rooms.  But the initial moving rush is over, and all basic utilities in operation.

It has been a very hectic moving season though, and Bear's pretty tired.

In fact, she's been so caught up by all the moving excitement, that she hasn't even entered the Homonym mini Writing Challenge at FaithWriters this week yet.  Not sure if she's going to get that done or not.  Will see if she's got a bit of energy back tomorrow, after getting some sleep . . .


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