Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Video Player goes up + Why Bear chose the videos she did for her Favorites

Bear loves the Video Player

And is happy and excited to have the music videos up!

Why Bear chose the videos she did for her Favorites

Some people visiting the "Bear's Favorite Worship Song Videos" section of the Writing Den, may wonder why Bear chose some of these particular music videos to add to her "Favorites" list.  Because there is an unusually wide variety of music styles included, to say the least ...

Some of the videos are deep worship-type song videos, sung with an element of deep prayer and praise.  Others are speedier, and more on the exultant side of Praise.  Some take place in churches where jeans wouldn't be frowned upon.  Some in "cathedrals", with stained glass windows. One even takes place out in an empty football field.  And a few are even Christian "rap" music -- almost loud rock -- and are some teen and kid music that normally I wouldn't personally enjoy whatsoever. (Although I do like listening to some of the music kids do -- some of the more blaring and jump-around stuff  with loud guitars and loud drums seems more like noise to these older ears.)

For example, the songs selected that are by Hillsong Kids seem a bit rough and kind of noisy, more than purely melodic to me; and aerobic jumping-around while praising the Lord is not my personal worship style, to say the least.  In fact, Bear would probably drop from exhaustion, just trying to keep up with them for 30 seconds.  :-)

However, I love to listen to the WORDS those kids are singing, some of them not even 9 years old yet, and love to watch them express their love and faith in the Lord in their own way.  And, when I listen to them, and study their faces, I see many of them with a deep love for the Lord.  And I am touched by their witness -- sometimes at the same level as by some of those more my age and style, who do my style of worship songs more.

I enjoy watching the teen Korean Christian rap dancers, as another example, because I know the particular song they are singing and its English words, and love to watch the pure joy on their faces, as they dance and praise His Name, and proclaim how much they love Jesus, and that EVERY move they make, and every breath they take is through HIS Grace.

So people visiting the Den will find quite a variety of expression posted in Bear's song section.

They'll find Michael W. Smith bowing in reverent prayer at his piano bench in front of a piano painted in rainbow colors, when getting ready to sing "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"; find a line of robed Presbyterians heading for the altar in a cathedral, singing "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee", where sunlight filters down from above, through stain glassed windows; and will find 6 year olds leaping around wildly in songs by the Hillsong Kids, waving hands in the air, as they sing how "God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son ...", and then in another song will see some of those same 6 year olds, eyes half-closed in prayer, and then in another (Tell the World) singing with even wilder energy about witnessing that Love to the world, and proclaiming that God is their only hope for standing in that Witness.

But there's one thread that runs steadily throughout all the various types of music styles and types of expression in Bear's Den ...

In each music video, the love and worship of the Lord and desire to give the whole life to Him -- no matter what -- shine through bright and clear and clean.  And move me deeply as I listen and watch.

His Spirit shines through; the Light bright.  Especially when Bear jumps from one worship video to another, and sees the wide variety of ways people lift their hearts to Him.

Bear doesn't know if other people will be interested in seeing any song videos or not (but thinks they're missing a blessing if they don't explore Christian Music Videos, because it's a new worship genre that has a very unique way of juxtaposing visual imagery of various sorts with music and words, that ends up putting together some very deep and thought-provoking messages about the Lord and His Truth.)

But even if no one else were to listen and watch, Bear's happy to have her music area in the Writing Den anyway, all the links handy.  That way, when she's writing here, she can just hit a music link, while working; and listen to people praising the Lord in another "window" on her computer in the background, as she writes.

From 5 year olds to 90+ year olds, our voices are raised together in one accord . . . singing in awe of the One Who has given us Life and Grace and Hope.

And the witness and joy in that, expressed in these videos, in all the colors of the rainbow, strengthen my faith and personal walk in the Lord.


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