Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Book Now Available + Major Den Remodeling

: The Guest Book is now available for use on an ongoing basis. Please drop by and sign, if you have a chance. It's a place where new guests; regular friends and visitors; and anyone (who just wants to make a comment about anything related to the Den) can post comments. Bear is hoping people will post in it repetitively, whenever they feel like commenting. You can still comment on specific posts, both on Facebook, and in the Den (at the bottom of the post). But the Guest Book opens up a venue for all the comments that might not fit specific posts to be entered, and also acts as a place for visitors to declare their presence and let Bear know they're out there. Or for old time friends to share a bit more about themselves, if they'd like. :-)

Bear really got into the swing of "spring cleaning" mode, shoving furniture around, rearranging things, polishing and shining, and even adding a whole new room in the process. There's now a new Bible Room, and the Bible furniture has been pulled out of the Prayer Room, leaving that room filled with Prayer furniture alone. The About Bear page has been updated and had elements added to it. The Sidebar Bear info now has a basic Bear Statement of Beliefs added to it. And all the hallways have been remodeled, giving a new look to room entry. And, in the Basement (the footer area), several major changes have been made as well. Plus, she redecorated the whole Den in general, threw in a bit of extra paint, and even extra family photos.

Getting the new Bible Room added on was one of the hardest parts of the whole enterprise. Bear had a theory that two Blogger blogs could be created, using the same template for each one and matching up their formatting details, and matching their gadgets and widgets as much as possible, to give them almost identical appearance. And she believed that then those two blogs could be combined via links, to create a single website, double the size of the original one. (And that potentially, more blogs could even be created, making even a larger single website.) However, while this seemed like a great idea, she didn't know if it would actually work or not.

But, wonder of wonders, it did work, and now there's all sorts of extra space available for future expansion. The foundation has been fully laid.

So Bear has been burning quite a bit of midnight oil, and sending all sorts of dust flying out the doorway as she shook out carpets, shined up the windows, cleaned out the entryway, and, and, and ...

Although she's feeling pretty pooped after the whole effort, she's now happily puttering around, putting away all the cleaning buckets, sweeping up sheet rock dust from corners (it takes quite a while to get rid of it all), and is just generally getting things set back into proper order after all the work. She's thanking the Lord for His Grace in the project, and thanking Him also, that more solid foundations have been laid.

So she's getting ready to kick back with a cup of tea any minute now, and plans to take a breather, just enjoying the Den for awhile, before she gets to work on the Friday Fiction piece for tomorrow.
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