Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday: Welcome new Friends + Jesus Rap Video

: Bear happily welcomes Joan and Shellie on board as regular Den visitors. It's great to see your smiling faces, and Bear looks forward to getting to know you both more as time goes on.

Bear decided to post a Rap Video today instead of doing "Tackle it Tuesday" challenge. The video is a short one, less than five minutes, that was shared by a Facebook Friend, and is well worth passing along. It's great fun, to say the least.

Bear's been busily learning more about html coding and style sheets in order to get the Den better organized and spiffied up more. In fact, she has gotten so immersed in it, and spent so much time at it this week already (with a few more things to do still), that she's decided it's very likely she's also going to skip the FaithWriter's Writing Challenge this week, unless she suddenly gets inspired to whip something out at the last minute. She's going to take the week off to continue to catch up on "housework" around the Den, and to generally catch her breath a bit.

For all those that are receiving the Den's postings through various feeds and on Facebook, you MAY see an extra Posting appearing today... Bear's going to try a trick, that will create a Guest Book and General Comment Area for people to use (as an addition to the regular commenting options at the ends of each post in the Den's Living Room -- this will be a place where people can just drop in and say Hi, sign the Guest book, or comment in general about anything concerning the Den.) The trick is, that she's going to make the Guest Book/Commenting Area out of a regular post's template. Which will likely work very well. However, there's no way to do that without causing it to feed into everyone's various feeds, since it's an actual posting template being used.

The good thing about that, is, if you do end up seeing the extra link, you can use it to just drop into the Den and be among the first to sign the Guest book or comment in general, if you'd like.

But for now, here's Tamara Lowe's "Amazing Jesus Rap"...

(NOTE: If you don't see the media player, you aren't on the Den's Homepage and need to click on Bear's Writing Den and look there for it.)


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