Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bear has something to share this Sunday

Sunday Morning
Euan Murray Visits!

An internationally famous rugby star whose faith is tested on the field, in the locker room, and when facing the pressures of fame, professional contract negotiations, and media coverage...

This is an incredible interview with Euan Murray about God's Grace and leading in the life of this young Scottish rugby star, provided by Gilcomston South Church from Aberdeen, Scotland.

He's a very charming, funny, yet serious-about-his-faith player whose favorite part of the game is tackling people in that violent manner that rugby players have . . . while at the same time he tackles issues concerning how to walk as a Christian and best honor and serve the Lord as a top "star" in Scotland's sports, in the midst of that rough and tumble world of rugby.

This interview was done shortly before Mr. Murray declared publicly that he would no longer participate in Rugby matches on Sundays, and successfully worked that clause into his contract as a professional player, releasing him from obligation to do so. And in that way, his life reminds Bear almost of a "Chariots of Fire" type of theme and story.

However, the conversation covers much more than that, and is just outstanding, overall. Bear has listened to it a couple times already, and it has stirred in her a deep desire to become a better witness for the Lord in her own life.  And she'll be listening to it again herself today.

The first 10 minutes cover just a general "what it's like to be an internationally famous Rugby star" type of talk and joking. Then it moves into discussion of what it's like to walk as a Christian in the midst of the rugby crowd, and continues in that vein until the end. Total length about 60 minutes. (The play slider on the player can be moved to start it playing 10 minutes after the beginning, if you want to skip most of the strictly-rugby-talk-stuff; but Bear even enjoyed that part, as this young man has a sterling sense of humor.)

Thumbnail bio provided by Gilcomston South Church: "Euan Murray (born 7 August 1980) is a Scottish rugby union footballer, currently playing for Northampton Saints in the National Division One competition. He has also played for the Scotland national team. He was a part of their 2007 Six Nations squad, and scored a try in their final game against France. His usual position is as a prop."

Bear is most honored to have Euan Murray visiting the Den this Sunday morning, for this chat, before she heads off for church.


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