Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Multi-Language Audio Bible player in the Den!

A Radio that God broadcasts on . . .

Bear is very excited to have found the new Bible Radio for the Den! It is incredibly awesome! It is hooked into a free service that reads the Bible aloud in all sorts of languages and versions. And anyone can use it while visiting the Den. She can't believe she found it. God is so good!

Bear was pretty tired after having spent quite awhile today out roaming through the forests and fields away from the Den. She had a great day doing it though. It was so nice to see sunshine, and be out and about in beautiful spring weather, after all the time spent getting things arranged in the Den this past week (and all the the time spent on Facebook Planet). It made her feel refreshed and more alive, feeling the unseasonably warm breeze blowing through her fur.

While she was out and about, she got to see the baby goats at her friends' farm, where she gets her goat's milk. Bear loves goat's milk. And she also loves to see the newborn goaties every spring, because they're so cute. They were born about a week ago, and they're already strong and fast on their little feet -- about the size of adult dogs -- with their long ears flopping about as they frolic in the hay in the stall. Their eyes are so bright and intelligent, already fascinated by everything around them. Bear patted them on their little heads with her paw, and marveled that anyone could look at such creatures -- so fully and perfectly formed, even though only one week old -- and ever doubt that they were made by a Creator of awesome Wisdom and Love and Power.

So, although it had been a very fine day, and a good break for Bear, she was very tired by late-night. And wasn't intending to work on the Den at all. But she had been thinking about Good Friday coming up. And wishing that she could find a version of John 18 and 19 read aloud, about the crucifixion, to listen to in the Den on Friday. So she was browsing the Web, hoping to find those two specific chapters at least, in a format that could be transferred legally to the Den.

But she wasn't having any luck at all, after about an hour of searching. And actually gave up and went to bed, discouraged. Then a friend called, getting her out of bed; so after the call, she decided to try for just a little longer.

And that's when she found this incredibly awesome Bible Radio player. It's sponsored by a missionary group that's working to get Audio Version Bibles available in all different languages to people around the world.

And they've set it up, with their blessings, to be used in the Den, and on other websites like the Den! And they made it very easy for Bear to bring it here.

Bear couldn't believe it! It has all sorts of versions of the English Bible . . . some with music background, some without music; some dramatized, some not; even has an Australian version, and a special Kidz dramatized Bible version for kids. And those are just some of the English versions. It also has a couple of Spanish New Testament versions for her Spanish friends, though it doesn't have Spanish Old Testament. And all sorts of other languages.

And it's so easy for people to use it. They just need to pick their language, then select their chosen Bible version, then select the Book and Chapter they want to start at, and click Play. And the Bible Radio will play from that starting point, until they click the stop or pause buttons.

The radio's colors kind of clash with the Den's decor. And Bear tried to paint it a new color, using HTML code, but it turns out not to be doable, because it's connected to its Home source. But Bear decided she doesn't care. She's so happy to have it in the Den. There are people in some countries, where Christians are persecuted, who would literally be willing to risk their lives to get their hands on such a resource. And Bear isn't about to quibble over color.

Instead, Bear's dropping to her knees and thanking God it's available for the Den.

So, the Easter video (that was displayed where the radio now is), has been sent to the Worship Room, in order to give the radio space.

Eventually, there will be a Dining Room added to the Den, Lord willing. And a lot of the Bible resources will probably end up in there, because Bear knows God wants her to feed on His Word, as well as on food. But Bear's not sure she's going to be willing to tuck the radio into the Dining Room.

She loves it right where it is, and may just keep it there forever. And looks forward to many hours of happy listening while working around the Den.
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