Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bear sets up a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook progress

Well, Bear made some progress on figuring out Facebook more today, and is feeling encouraged. The biggest thing she learned is that, because she's a writer with a website, she can set up a "Fan Page" for the Den, as well as having her own individual Profile.

So she went ahead and did that. And now things are working out much better. She uploaded the Den's Living Room Journal as a feed into the "Bear's Writing Den" Facebook Fan page. And then put a Facebook Fans' button right on the Den's wall here, in the sidebar, so people can become "Fans" from here inside the Den, (or instantly go to the Fan page from here, instead of being led to her Personal Profile Facebook page). Or, they can find the Fan Page while on Facebook, and become Fans from there also.

The biggest advantage of having a Fans' page, is that it eliminates the "Friends" issue from the Den's Facebook presence -- it makes things MUCH easier for Bear to understand concerning how the "news feeds" and "stories" and such will work for the Den.

So Bear is starting to relax on Facebook Planet more, and the skies are turning less cloudy, and becoming ever more bright with warm spring sunshine. Thanking the Lord!
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LaTawnia said...

Greetings Bear!

I am now one of your fans on FB. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading posts. You always find a way to make things humorous. May the dear Lord bless you sweetly this Resurrection week-end!

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